Dengue fever reaction paper

The acute phase of illness lasts for 3 to 7 days, but the convalescent phase may be prolonged for weeks and may be associated with weakness and depression, especially in adults. Discussion Dengue is emerging as a major public health problem in India. These findings warrant to undertake a study with a bigger sample size and the serological findings corelated with dengue PCR and dengue IgG antibody test.

Immediately the carriers crossed the border, the virus infected the local population. Molecular studies have demonstrated that dengue viruses vary genetically in nature; unfortunately, phenotypic changes that have been observed in the field have not yet been associated with genetic changes in the virus 2699, GI hemorrhage is found at autopsy in the majority of patients who die.

High levels of IgG are detectable even in the acute phase and they rise dramatically over the proceeding two weeks. Acknowledgments The authors express their heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to the Director of School of Tropical Medicine and officials of Public Health and Communicable Disease Department of Government of West Bengal for their active support and cooperation throughout the study period.

The assay is based on capturing human IgM antibodies on a microtiter plate using anti-human-IgM antibody followed by the addition of dengue virus specific antigen DENV The assay is a biological assay based on the principle of interaction of virus and antibody resulting in inactivation of virus such that it is no longer able to infect and replicate in cell culture.

In his statement, the state secretary stated that he was considering the cases as an epidemic, because their numbers were high. Thereafter, several outbreaks occurred in India including Kolkata [ 8 — 13 ]. Convalescence for patients with DHF, with or without shock, is usually short and uneventful.

The same DEN-2 virus had caused explosive epidemics associated with severe disease in neighboring islands in the previous 3 years, but in Tonga it circulated for nearly a year without being detected in a human population that was fully susceptible to DEN-2 virus silent transmission There is no pathognomonic sign or symptom for DHF during the acute stage; on the other hand, as fever remits, characteristic manifestations of plasma leakage appear, making accurate clinical diagnosis possible in many cases 1.

For the detection of dengue-specific IgM antibodies, blood was collected from each patient suspected to be suffering from dengue, at least 5 days after onset of fever starting from January to Decemberand age and sex of each patient were recorded. This corroborates with the findings of Hati [ 14 ], Taraphdar et al.

View at Google Scholar B. One of the few studies cited as evidence that ADE occurs in vivo showed that rhesus monkeys that experienced a secondary DEN-2 infection or had been infused with dengue immune serum had higher viremias than did monkeys with primary infections 6064Development of Dengue Vaccines and Their Trials According to World Health Organizationdespite the much effort applied by medical scientists to develop a dengue vaccine for many decades, there is not yet a vaccine that has been licensed for prevention of this disease.

A large-scale outbreak of dengue fever occurred in involving several districts of West Bengal. It is undergoing clinical testing to evaluate whether it is safe for human use.

Personal analysis essay example custom essays uk, fairy tale graphic organizer 2nd grade assignment for the benefit of creditors delaware how does technology impact our lives unemployment rate in india. Hepatomegaly is a common but not constant finding 35, The average duration of the second rash is 2 to 3 days.

Dengue or dengue-like epidemics were reported throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries in America, southern Europe, north Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, Asia and Australia and various Islands in the Indian Ocean, the south and central Pacific and the Caribbean.

In the liver, midzonal necrosis is common and is often indistinguishable from the pathologic changes caused by the closely related yellow fever virus; Councilman bodies are common.

During this period, dengue hemorrhagic fever epidemics became more frequent and it was established through studies that its outbreaks occurred after every three years. In Hawaii, the first dengue fever outbreak to be reported since the conclusion of Second World War was in It is argued that during this period, various serotypes of dengue fever spread to new areas and it is during this time that dengue hemorrhagic fever surfaced.

Dengue fever is a flu-like viral disease common throughout the tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, mainly in urban and pre-urban areas.

This means that more or less billion citizens living in these areas are at high risk of contracting this disease. The dengue fever outbreak in West Bengal was widespread in nature. Host Immune FactorsThere is a large body of evidence, mostly obtained in vitro, suggesting that heterotypic, nonneutralizing antibody binds with dengue virus, facilitating the entry of the virus into cells of the monocytic line and hence facilitating infection 1561626768.

The Vaccine Reaction An enlightened conversation about vaccination, Dengvaxia, may lead to more severe cases of dengue fever in some people—a warning it relayed after the vaccine was already administered to more thanchildren in the Philippines.

2 Responses to "Dengvaxia Vaccine May Lead to More Cases of Dengue" Susan.

Dengue vaccine research

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever/Dengue Shock Syndrome (DHF/DSS) is the most severe form of dengue disease and is characterized by vascular leakage, hemorrhagic manifestations, thrombocytopenia, and hypotensive shock, which can lead to organ failure and death. Background Periodic outbreaks of dengue fever occur in the United States Virgin Islands.

In Junean outbreak of dengue virus (DENV) serotype-2 with cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) was detected in St.

Croix, US Virgin Islands. Dengue Fever Reaction Paper. Dengue fever is a disease caused by one of a number of viruses that are carried by mosquitoes.

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These mosquitoes then transmit the virus to. Inan outbreak of dengue fever was identified in Key West, fever is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with a dengue virus. The mosquito becomes infected when it bites a person with dengue virus in theirblood.

Dengue fever can occur when a mosquito carrying the arbovirus bites a human, passing the virus on to the new host. Once in the body, the virus travels to various glands where it multiplies. The virus can then enter the bloodstream.

Dengue fever reaction paper
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