Paper chandelier

Complete the underside, and fill in the bottom so that the papers cover the base opening. I usually cut these in a stack to save time.

How to Make Paper Strip Hearts

While browsing her local Anthropologie store, Heather was inspired by two things: Roll the cardstock around the pencil to shape it.

Traditionally Polish Chandeliers have eight strings but other than that you can add flowers or change colors to your liking. It was really fun and satisfying to make.

Focus on making one side tight and the other end a little looser. Attach the eight short strands on the hoop between where the long strands are attached. Then add a star made out of cardstock and sandwich it with some more tissue.

To make the strands first thread a piece of straw. Consciously and carefully, we are positioning decorative arts in the twenty-first century. I made a hefty pile and then would make more when I ran out.

Start with some strips of crepe paper and begin rolling. I spaced my prisms between the beads in these increments: Pinch the tight end. See all the instructions below. Wrap one end of the wire around a small washer or nut a few times.

Attach one hook on each of your long strands to the top cup and the other hook to one of the candle cups.


Complete the top side. There are so many fun papers out there to choose from. The hook-and-eyes and crystals are not in this photo. Then you need to determine how many layers of corks you want and how long you want each layer to be.

Now for the stars. Complete the top side. Lonneke van der Palen products by studio job. To attach the crystal to the base of the chandelier, unscrew the nipple-looking piece of the chandelier body.

Thanks so much for sharing, Heather. Once you know how to make them you just configure them in different ways. Cut a piece of gauge wire about a foot long.

To do this, we molded picture hanging wire into a circle and attached it a few inches from the center edge. Cut a piece of gauge wire several inches long.

I wanted to do a project in the spirit of their visuals, using everyday materials. See all the instructions below. Wrap it in crepe paper to make it pretty. Hang a crystal from the piece of wire, then wind both ends of the wire around the arm of the chandelier a few times.

To make different sized hearts, for fatter or skinnier hearts, you cut the strips into different lengths. Wrap one end of the wire around a small washer or nut a few times. You can set aside the eyes.

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Paper chandelier
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